Sunday, October 7, 2012


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Which browsers can I use with this site?
A: This site works well with the current versions of Firefox, Internet Explorer (IE), Safari, and Chrome. To make sure you are running the current version, click on the name of the browser you work with: Firefox, IE, Safari, or Chrome.

Q: I'd also like to use your Facebook app, called Bible. How do I get started with it?
A: Visit

Q: My browser is not displaying the site properly. What should I do?
A: Try the following steps.
  1. Do a full page refresh. Here's how. On Windows, hold down  key and press  or hold down  key and click the Reload button on the navigation toolbar. On Mac, hold down the  key and click the Reload button on the navigation toolbar.
  2. Check if you are using the newest version of your browser. Your browser might be out of date (if so, update it and see if that resolves the problem), have too restrictive security settings (if so, make Bible GT a trusted site), or have an improperly functioning browser extension (if so, try turning off all extensions and see if that resolves the problem).
  3. Try another browser.
  4. Try using another computer (if it works, then the problem is with the original computer).
  5. Try using another network, for example at a local coffee shop (if that works, then the problem is with the original network).
  6. Report the problem to the Bible GT team.
Q: I no longer see color-coded Greek text. How do I get them back?
A: The site color-codes the Greek text by part of speech (verbs are red, nouns are blue, participles are red with blue endings, and so on). This color coding is available only for the Westcott-Hort (WH) New Testament. If those colors are missing, check the WH text's "color" menu and select "on." If you or someone else using your computer is visually impaired, if someone selected a "high contrast" option, try turning it off and see if that restores color for the window as well as for the WH text itself.

Q: How can I get started with Koine Greek?
A: Here are some resources for getting started:
- Bible GT: click the Advanced section, click Lessons. You'll find a series of alphabet and grammar lessons, plus audio resources.
- The many resources at Bill Mounce’ site,
- The immersion course by Randall Buth, ideal for learning to think in Koine Greek.

Q: Which Greek grammar books do you use?
A: Here is what we use most often, in the classroom and at our desks:
- Basics of Biblical Greek by William Mounce, for getting started with grammar
- Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics by Daniel Wallace, for looking up points of grammar