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Alphabet 4: Sing; Read; Write

Sing an Alphabet Song

Let's sing an alphabet song (click for audio)!

Here are the letters of the alphabet, along with how to pronounce the name of each letter and the sound each letter makes.
α | sound: ah | name: alpha (ahl.fah)
β | sound: b | name: beta (bey.tah)
γ | sound: g | name: gamma (gahm.mah)
δ | sound: d | name: delta (dehl.tah)
ε | sound: eh | name: epsilon (ehp.see.lahn)
ζ | sound: z | name: zeta (zey.tah)
η | sound: ey | name: eta (ey.tah)
θ | sound: th | name: theta (they.tah)
ι | sound: ee | name: iota (ee.oh.tah)
κ | sound: k | name: kappa (kahp.pah)
λ | sound: l | name: lambda (lahm.dah)
μ | sound: m | name: mu (moo)
ν | sound: n | name: nu (noo)
ξ | sound: ks | name: xi (ksee)
ο | sound: ah | name: omicron (ah.mee.krahn)
π | sound: p | name: pi (pee)
ρ | sound: r | name: rho (hroh)
σ, ς | sound: s | name: sigma (seeg.mah)
τ | sound: t | name: tau (tau)
υ | sound: oo | name: upsilon (oop.see.lahn)
φ | sound: f | name: phi (fee)
χ | sound: k | name: chi (kee)
ψ | sound: ps | name: psi (psee)
ω | sound: oh | name: omega (oh.meh.gah)


Read Aloud

Practice reading 1 Thes 1:2 aloud, slowly, syllable by syllable.

1 Thes 1:1
Παῦ¦λος  καὶ  Σι¦λου¦α¦νὸς  καὶ  Τι¦μό¦θε¦ος  τῇ  ἐκ¦κλη¦σί¦ᾳ  Θεσ¦σα¦λο¦νι¦κέ¦ων  ἐν  θε¦ πα¦τρὶ  καὶ  κυ¦ρί¦ῳ  Ἰ¦η¦σοῦ  Χρι¦στῷ·  χά¦ρις  ὑ¦μῖν  καὶ  εἰ¦ρή¦νη.

1 Thes 1:2

Εὐ¦χα¦ρι¦στοῦ¦μεν  τῷ  θε¦  πάν¦το¦τε  πε.ρὶ  πάν¦των  ¦μῶν,  μνεί¦αν  ποι¦ού¦με¦νοι  ¦πὶ τῶν  προ¦σευ¦χῶν  ¦μῶν,

Click for the audio of 1 Thes 1, read slowly, syllable by syllable.


Write the Alphabet

It's a good thing, knowing how to write down a Greek word, quickly.

While listening to a teaching, when you see a word group you find especially interesting, you can jot it down.

When studying in the morning, you can write down short phrase for the day:

1 Thes 1:2
¦χα¦ρι¦στοῦ¦μεν  τῷ  θε¦ῷ  πάν¦το¦τε...

You might find that things stick better in your head, if you see it, say it, write it (and key it in, when online).

The keys to writing Greek words quickly are:
- See if you can write each letter without lifting up your pencil (or lifting it just once)
- And some practice!

Here is a practice sheet (click for pdf).

Write 1 Thessalonians 1:2, saying the words aloud as you write them.

Memorize what may be your first verse in NT Greek:

1 Thes 5:16

πάν¦το¦τε  χαί¦ρε¦τε,
Always rejoice.


Little Notes

it's an application of a mapping of letters in one alphabet into letters of another alphabet, as a convenience.
Here is such a mapping:

α | a
β | b
γ | g
δ | d
ε | e
ζ | z
η | ē
θ | th
ι | i

κ | k
λ | l
μ | m
ν | n
ξ | x
ο | o
π | p
ρ | r
σ ς | s
τ | t
υ | u
φ | ph
χ | ch
ψ | ps
ω | ō

Captial letters: The Greek alphabet also has capital letters. You'll see them at the start of sentences and at the start of proper names. And you'll find that you'll be able to read them, in their context--and that's a good way to begin to learn them. Like so:

1 Thes 1:1

Παῦλος  καὶ  Σιλουανὸς  καὶ  Τιμόθεος  τῇ  ἐκκλησίᾳ  Θεσσαλονικέων  ἐν  θεῷ  πατρὶ  καὶ κυρίῳ  Ἰησοῦ  Χριστῷ·  χάρις  ὑμῖν  καὶ  εἰρήνη.

In printed NT Greek texts, the book names for some reason or other are presented in all-capital Greek letters. You'll be able to understand the book name fairly quickly.

The Great Treasures site shows books names in a more usual fashion (more usual for the reader, that is): 
Πρὸς  Θεσσαλονικεῖς ά | to the Thessalonians alpha (that is to say: 1 Thessalonians)

Here is the alphabet, with regular letters and capital letters:

α | Α
β | Β
γ | Γ
δ | Δ
ε | Ε
ζ | Ζ
η | Η
θ | Θ
ι | Ι

κ | Κ
λ | Λ
μ | Μ
ν | Ν
ξ | Ξ
ο | Ο
π | Π
ρ | Ρ
σ ς | Σ
τ | Τ
υ | Υ
φ | Φ
χ | Χ
ψ | Ψ
ω | Ω


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