Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Alphabet 2: Single-sound Vowel Pairs

Some vowel pairs are pronounced together, making just one sound.

αι | sound: ahy (as in "αιsle")
αυ | sound: au (as in "sαυerkrαυt")
ει | sound: ey (as in "ειght")

ευ | sound: yoo (as in "fευd")
ηυ | sound: yoo (as in "fευd")
oι | sound: oi (as in "oιl")
oυ | sound: oo (as in "groυp")
υι | sound: wee (as in "sυιte")

Here are some examples, one for each single-sound vowel pair:
| καί | kahy | and, also, even

| αὐ¦τοί | au.toi | they

εἰ¦ρή¦νη | ey.rey.ney | peace

| Εὐ¦χα¦ρι¦στοῦ¦μεν | yoo.kah.ree.stoo.mehn | we give thanks

| ¦δελ¦φοί | ah.dehl.foi | brothers

| ποι¦ού¦με¦νοι | poi.oo.meh.noi | making

| υἱ¦ός | hwee.ahs | son

The sounds of the single-sound vowel pairs are distinct.

However, note this overlap in sound:
- η is pronounced ey
- ει is pronounced ey
Pronounce all other vowel pairs with two sounds. 

For example:¦η¦σοῦ | ee.ey.soo | Jesus
Those two vowels (Ι.η) are not one of the single-sound vowel pairs. So pronounce the first sound, then the second sound (ee.ey).


Little Note

Diphthong: a vowel pair that is pronounced with a single sound.


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